Unlocking Opportunities: Our Journey into Opendoorz Networking

In January 2023, Parke Lane People made the strategic decision to join and invest in Opendoorz Networking. Now, 14 months down the line, we find ourselves reflecting on the journey thus far and its profound impact on our business and our founder, Andy Parke.

Who are Opendoorz and what do they stand for?

Opendoorz stands firmly behind the belief that a robust network is essential for business growth and development. Their ethos revolves around fostering strong and meaningful relationships with high-quality businesses. With a network of friendly, dedicated, and motivated professionals spread across Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, Opendoorz emphasizes the values of sharing, connecting, and growing together—all while enjoying the process. Currently boasting 12 groups and 150 members, Opendoorz provides a platform for like-minded individuals to converge and thrive. Parke Lane People is an active participant in the North Oxford Group, led by Associate Director Jon Ellard, which convenes bi-monthly at The Bicester Hotel, Spa, and Golf Course.

Opendoorz Logo

Why did we join?

There were several compelling reasons why we decided to become part of Opendoorz:

  • Brand Awareness: Establishing a strong presence for the Parke Lane People brand in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire was paramount. Joining the leading networking group in Oxfordshire was a strategic move to enhance our visibility in the region. By aligning ourselves with Opendoorz, we aimed to leverage their reputation and network to increase brand recognition and market penetration.
  • Trusted Advisors: Building trust takes time, but engaging with fellow members who share our values has laid the groundwork for mutually beneficial relationships. Our core values, centered on trust, transparency, and open communication, align seamlessly with Opendoorz’s ethos. Through regular interactions and collaboration within the group, we’ve cultivated a network of trusted advisors who provide valuable insights and support.

Read last month’s blog post to find our more about core values.

  • Collaborations: We recognized networking as a catalyst for collaboration, providing opportunities to connect with individuals possessing diverse skills and expertise. By expanding our network, we aimed to facilitate innovative discussions and achieve collective goals through collaborative efforts. Through Opendoorz, we’ve not only found collaborators but also fostered an environment conducive to creativity and resource-sharing, resulting in mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Business Referrals and Trusted Suppliers: While investing in Opendoorz represented a significant commitment, we viewed it as a worthwhile investment in our marketing strategy. Through guest attendance and discussions with existing members, we gained confidence in the group’s potential to generate opportunities and revenue. Additionally, networking provided a neutral ground for engaging with potential suppliers, fostering trust and relationship building before formal engagements. As a result, we’ve not only received valuable business referrals but also established relationships with trusted suppliers who contribute to our success.

What has membership given us in return?

Within just six months of joining, Opendoorz had already delivered tangible results:

  • 10 instructions generated through the group: These instructions have not only contributed to our bottom line but have also expanded our client base and strengthened our reputation as a trusted service provider.
  • An impressive 8 to 1 return on investment: The significant ROI demonstrates the effectiveness of our investment in Opendoorz and highlights the value derived from active participation and engagement within the network.
  • Strong brand visibility and support from the Opendoorz community: The support and engagement from fellow members have elevated our social media and brand visibility within the community, opening doors to new opportunities and partnerships.

Moreover, we established valuable partnerships with trusted suppliers:

  • Darren Aston for our branded clothing: Darren’s expertise and attention to detail have ensured that our branded clothing reflects the professionalism and quality synonymous with Parke Lane People.
  • Emily Hodge for business coaching: Emily’s guidance and insights have been instrumental in refining our business strategies and enhancing our overall performance.
  • Jon Ellard for website development, search and digital marketing: Jon’s expertise in website development and digital marketing has helped us enhance our online presence and reach a wider audience.
  • Jo Spencer for Management Liability Insurance: Jo’s comprehensive insurance solutions have provided us with peace of mind and ensured that we are adequately protected against potential risks.

Moving forward, we look forward to spotlighting more trusted suppliers and collaborators in the coming months, further strengthening our network and enhancing our capabilities.

What has it meant to Andy Parke?

For our founder, Andy Parke, Opendoorz membership has been transformative:

Transitioning from a member to an ambassador within the group: Andy’s active involvement and leadership within Opendoorz have not only elevated his personal brand but have also positioned him as a respected figure within the community.

Active involvement in the leadership team, contributing to the growth of our group and Opendoorz as a whole: Andy’s commitment to the success of Opendoorz has seen him play a pivotal role in driving growth and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment within the group.

Personal and professional growth, evident in enhanced presentation and communication skills: Andy’s participation in Opendoorz meetings and events has provided valuable opportunities for personal and professional development, including honing his presentation and communication skills.

Increased personal brand visibility and the formation of valuable friendships within the group: Through Opendoorz, Andy has not only expanded his professional network but has also formed genuine friendships with fellow members, enriching both his personal and professional life.

Enjoyment of social activities, from attending the Cheltenham Races to whisky tasting in Oxford: Beyond the professional benefits, Andy has also enjoyed the social aspect of Opendoorz, participating in various activities and events that have added a fun and

 enriching dimension to his experience.

To conclude:

Our journey into Opendoorz Networking has been instrumental in unlocking opportunities, fostering growth, and nurturing meaningful relationships. As we continue to navigate this journey, we remain committed to active participation and engagement within the Opendoorz community, seizing new opportunities, and further contributing to its vibrancy and success. We look forward to the continued growth and evolution of our partnership with Opendoorz, as we collectively strive towards achieving our goals and aspirations.

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