Parke Lane People Joins The ISBA Business Directory, Strengthening Local College and Private School Ties


Parke Lane People (PLP) is thrilled to share some exciting news – we have recently been included on the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association business directory (ISBA). 

‘The Independent Schools’ Bursars Association are the only national association to represent school bursars and business managers of independent schools, providing them with the professional support they need to manage their schools successfully and provide a world class education to their pupils.’

To become a member on the directory takes time and some due diligence. This directory holds particular significance for us as a recruitment agency, reinforcing our commitment to providing quality recruitment services in the educational sector of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. 

This is particularly important to us at Parke Lane People as we have built up a strong reputation placing candidates into key positions across Finance, HR, Marketing, Compliance, along with support functions within Colleges and Private Schools.


‘The speed at which you have helped up recruit both the HR and Finance candidates is astonishing. They seem like great people, and I hope they will fit into the team well. Fingers crossed! So, thank you for all your help. This has been a brilliant first experience of working with Parke Lane People.’

Private School in Oxford

Local Roots, Community Commitment:

At Parke Lane People, our story is deeply entwined with the essence of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. We don’t just operate in these regions; we live here, understand the local pulse, and strive to make a positive impact. Our commitment goes beyond merely filling vacancies; it’s about understanding and connecting with the communities within the local community.

Core Values Driving Our Approach:

In the upcoming months, we will delve into our core values more deeply. For now, let’s provide a snapshot. Firstly, our team lives and breathes recruitment in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. This commitment is more than professional; it’s a personal dedication to the people and businesses in these communities.

Trust and transparency form the bedrock of our relationships. Open communication and genuine, long-term connections define our approach to recruitment.

We don’t measure success by targets or KPIs. Instead, we focus on quality over quantity. Our success lies in creating meaningful connections between applicants and employers.

We focus on and prioritise building long-term partnerships with employers in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire over quick wins.

Founder’s Insights on the ISBA members directory:

Founder Andy Parke shares his perspective on the ISBA accreditation, saying, ‘Joining ISBA means we are part of a community of like-minded professionals focused on sharing knowledge and best practices. At Parke Lane People, we’ve always been an authority on salary benchmarking and advising on benefits packages for our customers.’

Andy Parke

Andy’s roots trace back to St Edward’s School in Oxford (Teddies), and beyond his professional role, he’s an active part of the local community. A cricket enthusiast and Ambassador for Opendoorz North Oxford Networking, he understands the importance of fostering connections.

In 2004, Andy ventured into the recruitment world, gaining valuable experience at Hays and Oxby & Parke, before establishing Parke Lane People in September 2018.


‘I have worked with Andy at Parke Lane People during the past 6 months to support with our recruitment needs. I have found the service received from Andy always very professional. Andy and his team always spend time getting to know the School and then the individual roles to make sure the service is tailored to what we need. I have found that the candidates submitted for the role fulfil the remit required.’

Head of HR
Private  School in Oxford


With the recent inclusion on the ISBA members directory, Parke Lane People solidifies its commitment to excellence in the educational sector. Our core values, shaped by our deep ties to local communities, guide our approach to recruitment, ensuring genuine connections and enduring partnerships. Founder Andy Parke’s vision and local approach position Parke Lane People not just as a recruitment agency but as a vital contributor to the educational success of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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