REC Membership: A Seal of Quality in Recruitment – What It Means for Clients and Candidates.

What is the REC?

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation, better known as REC, is dedicated to driving standards and empowering recruitment businesses to forge better futures for both their candidates and themselves. REC serves as a champion of an industry that is fundamental to the strength of the UK economy.

For job candidates, they are instrumental in making great work happen. 

They collaborate with over 3,300 recruitment businesses and 10,500 individual recruiters to establish the benchmark for recruitment standards.

‘Every year, our members help over 1 million people find a new permanent job, and on any given day there are 1.2 million people who are working via a recruitment business on a contract or temporary assignment. If you want to find a recruitment business that understands their obligations to you as a jobseeker, you should look for an REC member.’

Each of their members, including Parke Lane People, is required to adhere to their standards and undergo a compliance test for membership eligibility and maintenance.

For recruiters they are the voice of recruitment. They speak up for recruiters and provide the legal advice, business support and training that the industry needs to drive up standards.

‘Together, we shine a light on the impact of brilliant recruitment and celebrate the individuals involved in making this industry a contributor of £39 billion to the UK economy.’

So why does membership matter at Parke Lane People (PLP):

Earlier in the year we touched on some of the core values at PLP. These included:

Trust and transparency form the bedrock of our relationships. Open communication and genuine, long-term connections define our approach to recruitment services in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.


We focus on and prioritise building long-term recruitment partnerships with employers in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire over quick wins.

From a client perspective:

REC membership provides PLP with access to:

  • Training and qualifications
  • Business support
  • Compliance / Code of Professional Practice
  • Networking and events

This in turn ensure that our processes, structures and ethics are geared towards providing the very best personal and professional service to our clients. 

Our process revolves around ensuring we find our clients the perfect fit for their vacancy.

We start by meeting with our clients to grasp all aspects of the role, team dynamics, business plans, and the offered package.

Then, we advertise the role across selected job boards and social media while also reaching out to passive candidates.

Upon identifying potential candidates, we conduct comprehensive interviews delving into their experience, skills, work preferences, career goals, and more.

We personalise the candidate shortlisting process, ensuring each one aligns with our client’s needs.

After initial interviews, we equip candidates with job specs and company details, and further prepare them for interviews.

Following interviews, we facilitate feedback exchange and guide candidates through the process stages.

If successful, we assist with offer details and provide necessary references.

REC membership allows us to have a helicopter view of the above and thus improve and evolve when needed.

From a candidate’s perspective:

Our membership with the REC allows us to give our candidates the following:

  • Security and peace of mind in us as a recruitment agency.
  • An additional channel for complaints. 
  • Additional resources and advice on job seeking.
  • Access to other accredited agencies.

Since receiving our membership, we have honed our service to candidates. 

We help candidates find the right job, from admin jobs to finance and a whole lot more. At Parke Lane People, we’re committed to assisting job seekers in discovering jobs that fit their skills, aspirations, and passions. With our expertise, we’ll work together to identify their strengths and potential. Using a personalised approach, we’ll navigate the job market and present job seekers with tailored opportunities. Our mission is to empower them by providing guidance and support on their career path.

Thank you The PLP Team

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